About Us

Interiors of America is a long established, locally owned commercial interior build out company that specializes in all forms of Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, EIFS, Stucco, and Finish Work. The company’s main focus has always been to provide owners and General Contractors with a finished product that is unparalleled. Our experienced and proven metal stud framers flat out get the job done. Our crew leaders are among the very best tradesmen in the industry.

When it comes to installing and finishing drywall, our hangers and tapers set the standard when it comes to quality. Our level 5 finish is true, consistent and blemish free. Our textured products are finished to the correct level every time.

All team members at Interiors of America, from the office to the field, strive to be the best and operate under the “Team” philosophy of “Do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all”.

With over 30+ years of work here in South Florida, Interiors of America is the right choice for your next project. We invite you to review the information on this website and to contact us with any questions that you might have.

Our Values

The construction industry is booming today and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. In result there has been a large boom in competition among construction companies. It is this that has us questioning, what truly sets us apart from the rest of these capable companies? The answer has been consistent among all our customers, reliability and trust.

Our company has been around longer than most and over the years we have learned countless hard lessons, it is thanks to these lessons that we have the core values we have today. The hardest quality today to find in a world full of thousands of companies is trust in their work. Any company is capable of creating a good impression on their customer at first, but what truly sets a truly good company apart from others is the trust and reliability that the job will be done at the time it is set to be completed at and in the best quality possible. A company is only as good as its word, and we will not hesitate to give you our word on a job well done.

Trusted Partners

We have worked thousands of man hours and been through every project imaginable to gain our credibility with our current partners. We truly would not be the company we are today without them. Together we are confident we can handle any size job.

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